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Fundación Impulsar

Entrepreneurship development

Fundación Impulsarwas established in 1999 to assist young people in overcoming unemployment through entrepreneurship. It provides free training courses for potential entrepreneurs on how to conduct market research and refine business plans before presentation to the approval body.  These training courses allow the foundation to reach far more young people than the previous system of one-to-one interviews.  

  • Focuses on disadvantaged youth;
  • Combines business mentoring with financial assistance;
  • Guides youth through the process of establishing a business


Youth Entrepreneurship Promotion

Entrepreneurship development

In recent years the National Confederation of Employers' Organizations of Azerbaijan , ASK, has implemented several initiatives on youth employment, in particular to promote entrepreneurship. These included a survey on the school-to-work transition and participating in the ILO's programme “Start and Improve Your Business” (SIYB) and “Know About your Business” (KAB). As a result of the SIYB project, about 20 persons started their own small businesses. Following the request of ASK to the Minister of Education, the KAB was introduced in two regional vocational and technical training institutions. 

  • Seeks to promote youth entrepreneurship through a wide array of actions (from research to training).


Creating a Business that Suits You

Entrepreneurship education

The programmeCreating a Business That Suits You (DREAM) aims to promote entrepreneurship among students and does so by putting them in contact with experienced entrepreneurs. Furthermore, it aims to instil an enterprise culture in young people by building a bridge between schools and the world of work. It consists of visits by students to firms with post-visit assessments afterwards in class.

  • Recognizes the importance of building/creating an entrepreneurship culture among youth, rather than seeing entrepreneurship as the only opportunity for employment;
  • Makes "real" experience with established business people the key to success in building culture and motivation in individuals.


Junior Achievement - Young Enterprise Europe

Entrepreneurship education

Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Europe (JA-YE Europe) is a non-profit association based in Belgium and serves as one of several regional operating centres for JA Worldwide. The initiative brings the public and private sectors together to provide young people in primary and secondary schools and early university with high-quality education programmes to teach them about enterprise, entrepreneurship, business and economics in a practical way.

  • Involves private/public partnerships;
  • Is based in the school environment; 
  • Is introduced in primary level education;
  • Hands-on activities make it more "real" for students.


Young Entrepreneurs Start-Up Programme

Entrepreneurship development

The Young Entrepreneurs Start-Up (YES) Programme is part of the LiveWIRE Global Network and is implemented by Shell Companies in Indonesia together with other private sector partners. It is coordinated by Indonesia Business Link (IBL) which is affiliated with Youth Business International (YBI). The programme framework was developed by integrating methodologies of the Shell LiveWIRE and Youth Business International, with technical assistance from the ILO. The programme goal is to mobilize global business support for those young people who cannot find assistance elsewhere to become entrepreneurs and set up their own businesses. 

  • Integrates business plan development and training, start-up loans and mentoring;
  • Features direct support of private sector in providing information, mentoring and access to credit.


Youth Business International

Entrepreneurship development

YBI, a programme of the International Business Leaders Forum, helps young people to become entrepreneurs by providing business mentoring and access to start-up finance. The YBI Network is a global network of independent initiatives known as Youth Business Programmes (YBPs) that assist entrepreneurial youth to start and grow businesses when they are unable to find support elsewhere. Through these activities, the network provides a practical response to the urgent need for youth employment opportunities, and represents an important contribution to the global agenda on employment, poverty alleviation and sustainable economic growth.

  • Offers direct contact with successful entrepreneurs;
  • Provides access to the business community/network; 
  • Combines training with guidance;
  • Provides access to financing opportunities.


Junior Achievement Worldwide

Entrepreneurship education

Junior Achievement Worldwide is a non-profit organization founded in 1919. Today it is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students about entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programmes. JA aims to educate and inspire young people to value free enterprise, business and economics as means by which to improve the quality of their lives. The organization reaches 7.5 million students each year around the world.

  • Part of school learning;              
  • Offered early enough to become an option;
  • Offers programmes adapted to each grade;
  • Focus goes beyond entrepreneurship.



Entrepreneurship development

Shell LiveWIRE is a Shell global community iniatiative to encourage young people and those to whom they turn for advice and guidance to regard starting a business as a desirable and viable career option. LiveWIRE schemes are financed on a country-by-country basis by the local Shell company and local business partners, and they are implemented together with local and national governments. 

  • Offers several services for young people, including one-to-one mentoring;
  • Allows young people to work through the various aspects of their business planning and operation;
  • Works through and in partnership with a wide range of local and national public and private actors.


Young Entrepreneurs Association

Entrepreneurship development

The Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization whose mandate is to support young entrepreneurs. It was set up in January 2006 by the Jamaica Employers' Federation (JEF) to support the creation of a cadre of young entrepreneurs and to enhance the success of youth-owned businesses in Jamaica , thereby contributing to combating youth unemployment. YEA provides members with opportunities to learn from each other's experience and to benefit from the advantages of a network.

  • Creates networking opportunities for young entrepreneurs;
  • Provides relevant information and assistance to young entrepreneurs;
  • Makes recommendations to and lobbies policy makers on issues related to youth employment.


Kenya Youth Business Trust

Entrepreneurship development

The Kenya Youth Business Trust (KYBT) is an initiative of Youth Business International (YBI). The programme was launched in 2003 to assist Kenya ’s large youth population in overcoming unemployment through entrepreneurship. KYBT focuses on socially and economically disadvantaged youth who want to create their own business.

  • Works with disadvantaged youth aged 18 to 30 years;
  • Provides start-up capital for those with viable business propositions but who are unable to find finance elsewhere;
  • Provides successful applicants with volunteer business mentors and full access to the organization's local and national business support network.


National Commission for Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship development

The National Commission for Young Entrepreneurs (CNEJ) was set up in 1986 at the initiative of the employers' organization of Mexico, COPARMEX, to spark interest in entrepreneurship within the younger generation and, at the same time, to build an active membership base of young entrepreneurs in Mexico. The CNEJ provides advisory services to young entrepreneurs and organizes thematic workshops and other meetings. 

  • Provides targeted services to young entrepreneurs as well as a framework where young entrepreneurs can share ideas, network and plan strategies;
  • Includes young business leaders in 58 COPARMEX Regional Business Centres;
  • Offers a platform to discuss and lobby policy reforms on youth employment and entrepreneurship at the national level.


Business and Youth in the Arab World

Entrepreneurship development

The International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) launched a resource guide in 2007, Business And Youth in the Arab World, that shows how business – in partnership with other organizations - can tackle youth unemployment and stimulate enterprise development. The resource guide includes case studies from many countries of the Middle East.

  • Compiles and distils lessons learned from business-led initiatives on youth employment from across the Arab region;
  • Is based on interviews with over 100 businesses and organizations in the region, including multinational corporations, regional and national companies, institutions of the education sector and civil society organizations.

Middle East

Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs' Forum

Entrepreneurship development

The Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs' Forum (NYEF) was officially set up by the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FNCCI) in 2003. It aims to promote an entrepreneurial mindset and a shared vision through effective networking of young entrepreneurs. Specifically, the initiative has the following objectives: help young entrepreneurs in Nepal build fruitful and productive business networks and links among one another; and help them gain a better insight into the present status of key business sectors of tomorrow.

  • Combines education, training, fellowships and exchange of experiences among young entrepreneurs;
  • Recognizes the value of social responsibility among the entrepreneurs;
  • Provides a platform to lobby governments for change in business practices.


Junior Achievement - Young Enterprise Norway  

Entrepreneurship education

Junior Achievement-Young Enterprise Norway was founded in 1997 and belongs to the network of JA-Young Enterprise Europe. The organization teaches business skills to students of all ages. Through the programmes, students are given the opportunity to develop their business skills with the support of professors and business volunteers and in cooperation with other students.

  • Offers a wide range of programmes to students;
  • Provides bridges between educational institutions and the private sector;
  • Is operational throughout the country and is present in all 19 counties of Norway .


Pilot testing of the ILO tool "Know About your Business"

Entrepreneurship education

In 2003 the Employers' Organization Conseil National du Patronat du Senegal (CNP) took the initiative to test the ILO's Know About your Business programme in 5 secondary schools in Dakar. The general objective of the KAB programme is to contribute towards the creation of an enterprise culture by promoting awareness among young people in secondary and tertiary education of the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship and self-employment. Following the conclusion of a MoU with the 5 schools, the KAB programme was delivered by two teachers as an extra-school activity during one school year. Each of the schools created 2 clubs called Future Managers and admitted 25 students  each - 250 students in total with a slight majority of female pupils.

  • Provides extra-curricular entrepreneurship training;
  • Facilitates visits to enterprises, discussions and meeting with entrepreneurs.



Entrepreneurship education

Businessdynamics is a business education and enterprise charity that aims to bring business to life for young people. Volunteers from companies introduce students, aged 14-19 years, to the opportunities and challenges of business while also improving their key skills in preparation for the world of work.

  • Combines work experience with formal education;
  • Introduces business practice into school curriculum; 
  • Recognizes the importance of core skills for employability

United Kingdom


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